Workshop in Interactive Video in Real Time. QC+VDMX.

This workshop is aimed at current video jockeys who want to renovate and expand visual awareness and working the real-time video generated by computer, as well as artists and video artists wishing to create interactive visual works, video editors, musicians who want to expand their projects more visual performances and designers who want to make his side-projects in this field.

The purpose of the workshop is to provide the best visual programming visual creative tool in real time. By Quartz Composer can achieve the following projects:
- Video Sets for vj performance in sync with the music.
- Interactive video art installations.
- Video performance in plays and video performances.
- Creating visual effects and plugins for Final Cut, After Effects and VDMX.
- Screensavers.
- Visualizations for iTunes.
- Applications and visual compositions for the computer.

And VDMX is the best application for a live performance. With this application, also programmable, allows you to mix different visual clips on multiple video layers and effects for perfect improvisation.

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